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Precision is everything in the delivery of radiation. For both diagnosis and therapy, health providers strive to be 100% sure that they deliver the exact prescribed dose to a precisely defined area in the patient’s body. Success of treatment and patient safety depend on it.

IBA is the world’s N° 1 solution provider for innovative and high-end dosimetry equipment. In addition, IBA is the preferred partner of linac manufacturers. At IBA, we develop instruments and software that enable radiologists and medical physicists to perform the required quality assurance and calibration procedures.

  • IBA solutions
  • • 3D water phantom systems
  • • rotational treatment verification
  • • multifunctional measurement system for patient dose monitoring and quality assurance
  • Radiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy supplies solutions to precisely measure the dose delivered by beams used for cancer treatment.
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  • Radiodiagnostics
  • Radiodiagnostics develops quality diagnosis solutions to measure the X-ray dose delivered to the patient’s body after an X-ray radiography. Precision and simplicity are key.
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